A Beacon in the Fog: The European PRIIPs Template

Asset managers and insurers have agreed upon a European PRIIPs template (EPT) to help standardize the way they share data in implementing PRIIPs requirements.

POSTED ONNovember 07, 2016BY Ulf Herbig


Asset Managers & Air Bags

Compared to the automotive industry, asset management is still very young in terms of how it operates and standardizes processes. If it were a car producer it would still be producing the Model T, as opposed to the latest Tesla Model S.

POSTED ONNovember 01, 2016BY Lee Godfrey


Legal Announcements
and the call that never came

When it comes to online dating, the biggest fear that people have is that, after having announced where and when to meet their date, they duly turn up and find themselves waiting... and waiting... a quick check of the watch after 20 minutes... still waiting... then it sinks in: the date is a no show.

POSTED ONOctober 04, 2016BY Myrtha Monateri


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Long before we began our love affair with drinking coffee, it is believed that one day, a shepherd in Ethiopia took inspiration from his herd of goats who he had seen eating a curious fruit, and discovered that it delivered a pleasant burst of energy. That red fruit turned out to be the coffee cherry. Impressed, the shepherd took a batch of the curious cherries to a local monk who proceeded to boil them and create a heady brew. From those humble beginnings, the coffee cherry has since attained truly global status, being the most consumed drink in the world, just behind tea.  

POSTED ONSeptember 13, 2016BY Troy Bankhead


Clean Data: The Next Game Changer - Part II

In our first post on the impact of fund data, the argument was put forward that clean data not only improves sales efficiency but by reducing the amount of noise which arises when having to fix inaccurate data points, it can also lead to greater cost efficiency, leading to lower fund TERs.

But that’s only half the story.

POSTED ONJune 28, 2016BY Lee Godfrey


Technology Driving Fund Distribution

Fund distribution is going to be driven by technological innovations going forward. This is a given. But this means that many organisations will need to go back to the drawing board and adapt their marketing strategies to these changes.

POSTED ONJune 13, 2016BY Armann Gudmundsson


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